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Patricia Locke

Patricia Locke collections always blend the depth of fine art with a modern sense of fashion. Her work is immediately recognizable for its distinctive asymmetry, tantalizing multi-metal combinations and elegant use of positive-negative space. Each piece presents an exquisite paradox, at once handsome and beautiful, organic and geometric, and contemporary with heirloom overtones.

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Galatea – Jewelry by Artist

In Galatea, Jewelry By Artist,  we are offering the Diamond in a Pearl, DavinChi Cut Collection, Galatea Pearl and the Clover-Lok Collection.

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Bering ® Time Watch Collection

When the pure, cool beauty of the Arctic is blended with the simple elegance of Danish design, a new era dawns: it’s Bering-Time.

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Custom Designs by Dallas

Dallas has been thrilling customers with his designs in jewelry and artwork for over 35 years. His bold, yet touching style in all forms of jewelry combines a sensitivity for the feelings of his clients with his creative approach to his designs.

Ne’ Qwa Art

Known in the Mandarin language as “Ne’Qwa,” the artistic tradition of reverse painting on the inside of mouth-blown glass flourished during the 17th century, when snuff bottles were valued fashion accessories in China.

According to Ne’Qwa Art’s co-founder and head designer Jim Sexton, “Today there are only a few artist groups, living in remote villages throughout China, who possess the skill to create Ne’Qwa Art’s contemporary art objects. By bringing together the popular artwork of internationally known artists with the centuries-old skill of Chinese artisans, Ne’Qwa Art is committed to reviving this ancient art form.”


Ron Hartgrove was born in Big Spring, Texas. He began his career in the jewelry business at the early age of eight. After graduation from high school, Ron decided to travel throughout Europe to study in the world of artisans, designers and craftsmen. In 1990, he incorporated Heart & Co., copyrighted his designs, and trademarked the new line as “ORBIS®” from the Latin root word, orb.

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Nina Nguyen

“The jewelry I design is a reflection of my spirit. I create each piece to be unique, feminine and stylish. I envision my pieces empowering the wearer. It gives me much pleasure to contribute to the beauty of women. My hope is that every woman will enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoy designing each and every piece.”


Arivka custom jewelryARIVKA Jewelry is handmade by designer Aimee Rivka in her Los Angeles studio. Aimee’s passion for nature, gemstones and unique design led her to start handcrafting her own jewelry.

Each style is one of a kind with timeless romantic, feminine beauty and meticulous craftsmanship. Aimee’s unique technique of hand crocheting fine gold and silver creates a delicate bezel, which allows the positive energy of each gemstone to radiate and be absorbed by the wearer.

All of Arivka’s necklaces are beautifully hand crocheted with fine wire around genuine gemstones.